Bearing Re-lubrication Services

GLN can clean and re-lubricate new (or long-term stored) bearings with specialty lubricants to significantly improve performance and extend their service life. Manufacturers generally use a standard “EP” type grease when pre-lubricating their bearings at the factory. While this grease is suitable for use in most standard applications and conditions, in reality bearings are used in a broad range of more testing situations which require a specialised lubricant.

Repack New Bearing With Specialty Lubricants

Examples of grease types available:

  • Food grade
  • High / low temperature
  • Wash out resistant
  • Chemical resistant


  • Considerably extends bearing life
  • Reduces machine down time & maintenance overheads
  • Application specific lubricant type and fill quantity
  • Suitable for all open & sealed bearings
  • Shielded (ZZ) type bearings (brand dependent)
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Fast turnaround times