Electric Motors & Electronics Protection Services

GLN can protect electric motors and sensitive electronic equipment from contamination, corrosion, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and static using specialised materials and custom-engineered packaging solutions.

Electric Motors & Electronics Protection Options

EMI/Static shield material is a heavy duty, heat sealable, electrostatic free aluminium foil laminate that meets TYPE 1 Class 1 requirements of (military specification) MIL-B-81705-D.It is designed primarily to prevent the build up or retention of an electrostatic charge under any atmospheric condition while also providing for the attenuation of electromagnetic radiation.

VCI Emitters are designed for use inside packaging and enclosures. The protective vapors emitted from the disk volatize inside the space to form an invisible layer on the surface of the metal. This layer prevents moisture, salt, dirt,oxygen and other contaminants from depositing on the surface and causing corrosion.

Desiccant silica bags of appropriate size are also included inside the sealed package to absorb any remaining moisture present in the residual air. The desiccant silica used is chemically pure and is suitable for use with electronic equipment. It remains dry at all times and is made from strong particles that do not produce dust.