Industrial Parts Preservation Services

Each year Australian industries rework or scrap unused critical spare parts because of storage related damage with a total cost to business that is certain to run into tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of this damage is avoidable by simply applying a suitable level of protection to the component – either at initial supply or prior to it becoming damaged.

GLN can protect virtually any size and shape component (or piece of equipment) from corrosion and contamination with a custom engineered packaging solution – either in our workshop or “on site” at your location.

Various Levels Of Protection For Any Size And Shape

Various levels of protection are available to suit the individual component, environment & storage time required.

Ensures new & refurbished critical spares are fit for purpose when required regardless of the storage environment.

All work is completed on site or in our workshop by experienced mechanical & corrosion control specialists.

Examples of Materials Used

  • “Soft Film” liquid – a virtually impenetrable moisture barrier applied to all exposed metal surfaces prior to wrapping.
  • VCI papers – used for wrapping lightweight components for short term storage.
  • 180µm plastic laminated VCI paper – tough, reinforced corrosion inhibiting paper strip for spiral wrapping of components.
  • VCI triple layer film – tough external corrosion inhibiting plastic film that is UV stabilised for outdoor storage.
  • VCI foil – tough external corrosion inhibiting foil/film laminate to protect inner paper and/or plastic films for long term storage in critical or severe environments.
  • VCI plastic bags of various sizes and gauges.
  • Custom made VCI plastic & foil sheets, wraps & bags.
  • Custom made heavy duty cardboard & timber packing boxes – (ISPM15 export specification and/or insect resistant treatments available for timber boxes ).
  • Others options include – humidity indicators, temp/humidity data loggers, VCI emitter discs, desiccant silica bags & gels, static shields/bags for sensitive electronic equipment, hard VCI plastic storage cases.

All materials are laboratory tested for performance – (some approved for use in military & NATO storage applications)