Packing Boxes & Crates For Bearings, Industrial & Electric Parts

Although often overlooked, a suitably designed and manufactured crate (or box) acts as a critical first line of defence in any long-term storage packaging solution. GLN provides customised heavy duty timber or cardboard packing crates and boxes that are designed to protect, buffer and secure the internal packaged component for transport and its subsequent long term-storage.

Timber crates can be supplied with options for vibration dampening, termite resistance and ISPM-15 certified materials for export.

For smaller components in less severe environments, we also provide custom made heavy duty cardboard cartons and stock a range of square cartons up to 400mm.

Custom Made Packing Boxes & Crates

Replacement Bearing/Component Boxes & Crates

Equipment Storage Boxes

Termite resistant materials & ISPM-15 export treatment available for all timber products