Tapered Roller Bearing Assembly Manufacturing

GLN manufactures all types of Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblies such as DF, DB, Tandem, TDO, TDI and 4-row.  Attention to detail and precision equipment produce high quality, professionally packaged assemblies to the required axial internal clearance (bench end play) every time. We have the capacity for any quantity and accept all bearing brands and sizes.

All Brands & Sizes TRB Manufacture


  • All spacers are precision rotary surface ground to ensure flatness and parallelism between faces
  • Assemblies are protected and packaged to ensure damage free transport and long term storage
  • Same-day turn around service available for urgent requirements
  • Carbon hollow bar (20MNV6) spacers produced as standard with options for case hardened 4140 (or other materials) as required.
  • All work is carried out by qualified and experienced bearing specialists.